Coordination is a huge part of martial arts, or indeed anything physical. We strengthen our coordination with dedicated training, developing movement patterns, learning our footwork, practicing to get the perfect timing for that throw, that take down, that submission or knockout punch. Fully body awareness is a key component of that development. This awareness is proprioception; knowing where you are in space so that you work as a whole; you don't get caught out with that punch or that kick because you misjudged where your limbs are. Movement work is about deepening the connection to the body, bringing everything to work as one unit. It is the edge you have in your next fight. Movement work is the next step in the evolution of martial arts. 


Aaron is a movement coach with over a decade of experience touring and teaching all over the world, and we have collaborated with him to bring you a teaser of movement work. Click the link below and sign up to be sent a link to the full 15 minute video for FREE. We highly recommend checking him out, movement work is known to have developed Connor McGregor's fighting style and is a growing area of training that is very exciting. It has the potential to lift the level of fighting to the next level, expanding the fighters repertoire of movement, encouraging creativity, giving them more options which could make all the difference.



I offer a unique approach to movement that enables you to maximise your training potential, fine tune corrections in the body and challenge its ability to achieve more. My job is to strike a balance between focused training and playful movement, looking at ways to create and breakdown movement patterns that allow you to be both strong and free. Creating a system that keeps enhancing the bodies performance, encourages a healthy future and keeps training exciting.

Connect the body,

Build strength,

Play with movement.