The idea behind it.

In a male dominated sport, women need to support each other as we develop our own relationship with it. 

We noticed a difference in women's mind set around the sport, as well as the obvious physical differences. We saw an opportunity to support and celebrate these differences, creating a place where answers can be found with an open door for discussion. In our personal journeys we didn't have the support that this website it intending to create. What we have learnt and what we are still learning is shared here.

This is a resource for women in combat sports, with the aim to cover everything from nutrition and training, to managing periods and weight cutting safely. The content here is written and collated by us, unless otherwise stated (i.e. quotation marks or interviews). 

We welcome feedback, drop us a message in the contact page if you have some!

Photos by: Joshua Halvatzis 
Wearing: REVELE sportswear 

Shanti grew up in London and works as an Fine Artist and Scenic Artist for Film and Theatre. She is a blue belt at Carlson Gracie London.


Marina works as a secondary school Chemistry teacher. She is a purple belt at Carlson Gracie London and won silver at the Euros 2018 as a blue belt and gold as a purple belt at the Euros 2019.