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collab 2020

We've partnered up with @bjjandbeachcamp to give away a full seminar pass worth €400 at the 2020 BJJ & beach camp with the 2x ADCC world champion JT Torres  in Cyprus. [21st - 26th August]. The prize draw is currently taking place on our social media and the winner will be announced on the 16/02. 

Good luck!

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We asked Andreas Achniotis Perales, the brains behind BJJ & beach camp to tell us a bit more about the event.

1. What does the BJJ and beach camp include? 

BJJ & Beach Camp includes 6 days of both GI and NO GI training sessions with 2 times ADCC World Champion Jonathan "JT" Torres. Every morning there will be yoga classes and open mat sessions. We have also planned many beach activities and fun games. 

2. How is it different to other BJJ camps? 

Many other camps include more than one trainer, while BJJ & Beach Camp 2020 will have one coach only - you will be able to focus on learning their game and their mindset. 

Next - participation is capped so we ensure there is enough mat space and everyone gets to enjoy help and attention from JT Torres. 

Lastly - location - Cyprus has some of the best weather and best beaches in the world. We will train outdoors. The food is fresh and healthy Mediterranean. There is a party scene as well as opportunity for a relaxing holiday so you can choose what suits you better. Each year there are extra activities like boat trips and excursions.

3. From your experience of previous events what do people enjoy most during the BJJ and beach camp? 

The balance of hard training and a fun holiday in the sun. The camp is perfect not only for those who train but for their partners or families who can simply enjoy discovering the beauty of the island while enjoying a holiday there.

4. How are you improving the event every year?

Tough and serious training is at the core of the camp so what we try to improve are the fun activities and add new and different ones each year.

5. What are you looking forward to this year’s camp? 

JT is one of my favourite BJJ athletes - I love his style of Jiu Jitsu and I admire his determination and hard work at he shows at each competition. I'm also looking forward to welcoming athletes who have been to the camp already as well as the new ones.

6. What is the impact of having higher ratio of women attending the camp? 

We are happy to have had women attend our camp since the first year and each consecutive year we've had more and more women join. When do you get the chance to meet, train and spar with girls from other countries and other academies? 

7. Who is this camp for? In terms of experience.

This camp is for everyone from a beginner to a high level competitor.