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WF hosted the first ever “Intro to Martial Arts” event on Sunday 19th January at the Budokwai in London.

The aim of this event was to bring women together and give them a chance to explore the world of Martial Arts. 

Not every woman is aware of what her body is capable of. Martial Arts facilitates a deep connection to our bodies, an understanding of discipline and self defence. We learn to trust our bodies and often develop deep self respect. 

Given that martial arts is a male dominated sphere, the women who have approached a Gym are generally intimidated which is absolutely normal. Often it feels like an unsafe environment, unfamiliar and full of an electric energy which can feel overwhelming and without women there it can end up as an unpleasant experience. 

Women’s participation has only started growing in the UK in the last couple of decades and we still have a long way to go before men and women have an equal footing in Martial Arts. 

Considering this (and loving martial arts ourselves and wanting to share it with everyone) we decided to make it more approachable with a taster day. So, we teamed up with four specialists in the cornerstones of martial art training; we felt it was important to provide a wide range of disciplines covering ground work, stand up and ways to exercise the body and mind. 

Our BJJ coach was Professor Leoni Munslow (World Masters Campion and multiple European Campion). The kickboxing session was taught by Grace Anderson (K1 coach, PT and MMA fighter). 
Katy Moran (Founder of Women's Only Weightlifting and BJJ competitor) covered some basic principles for weightlifting and engaging the core muscles in different exercises.
Last by not least, we had Hazel Gale. A Cognitive Hypnotherapist who talked about self-sabotage and ways to strengthen our minds.

The feedback from the women attending was lovely.

"I really enjoyed how the workshop was structured and I loved all the women who were able to share their knowledge. I felt as though everything was very inclusive."

"I loved that we had a variety of activities to try and different learning to participate in throughout the day - this kept things fun, interesting and moving at a good pace. Instructors were extremely professional, knowledgeable and inspirational."

Many of the concepts one learns in Martial Arts apply to everything in life, such as; discipline and working steadily to achieve a goal; being a student again which is humbling; and being confident in stressful situations and believing in your capacity to cope. 

We are looking to host many more events around London.
Keep an eye on our social media for more info.