Jennah Meyer

ISPO Brand New 2018 Finalist
Best Startup 2017 (FR)

Country of residence: France

Please tell us a bit about yourself, what you do and how you came to do it.


My name is Jennah Meyer and I am the Creative Director here at Revele. As a start-up, we don’t always find ourselves working exclusively inside the walls of our subjective “roles”. It’s a lot of work! Our entire team comes together to pull a lot off. I personally work on everything from product design and production management to brand and creative direction. But I honestly wouldn’t get nearly half of what needs to get done if it weren’t for Clemence and Laetitia (our co-founders) who are always helping to find solutions for just about everything. It’s an incredible environment to be a part of with a lot of creation happening. Quite similar to rolling in bjj; always changing, mixing, moving…it’s quite exciting.


I came to work at Revele thanks to Clem and Laeti, who recruited me at the very beginning of this project. I remember our first meeting being surprisingly natural and thinking, “this is a great concept with incredible potential”.

June 2018


What do you see in the future of women’s contact clothing?


We often associate “future” with a lot of advanced technical developments that will allow for serious improvements for the next generation of sports equipment, and we look forward to incorporating those into our future collections.
In terms of the big picture, we are equally invested in growing contact sports on a global scale by re-defining the pre-existing stereotypes and re-imagining the representation of women in these sports. Our focus is about empowerment and creating a universe these women can relate to.
Our dream would be to have girls everywhere practicing martial arts, rugby, roller derby and boxing because it would ultimately be as universally accepted as it is cool.


What do you see as the main problems in today's selection?

Our female bodies are incredibly diverse! I can’t stress the importance of maintaining the right cut when developing products for women. Yes, there may be girls who have bigger shoulders, and yes sometimes a stronger bi-cep, but that shouldn’t mean we get thrown completely out of the picture. The underlying fact is that we share a common anatomy and deserve properly adapted products. Unfortunately for contact sports, most equipment has been tailored for men or for youth sizes. I can’t tell you the amount of e-mails I’ve received from women who have told me that they have had to buy their equipment from either the men’s or children’s department, until they discovered Revele. The few women who did in fact manage to find their gear in the respective women’s section, were often disappointed and rightfully so. The handful of products marketed to these women are often made from men’s patterns then restyled for the women’s market with some pink fabric or a cheesy graphic design. The majority of these products were made with very little insight to a women’s experience.

When we shop for women’s clothes we see that they are often much more expensive, and the selection is far smaller. Why do you think this is?


I completely agree. Which is why we made it our mission to radically up the quality of our products to bring change to what is available to these athletes. The prices for what existed until today compared to selection that was available to women was inadmissible. If we are going to pay for equipment, we deserve the quality equal to what we are paying for.

What is your mission in your brand for women in contact sports?

To provide accessibility and excellence for the equipment and clothing being offered to women in contact sports. To grow these contact sports globally! To change the pre-existing stereotypes and provide an honest representation to the athletes practicing these sports. To value and empower these women. To unite them together for a progressive and stronger future with Revele.

Do you do any sport? How does your experience feed into the ideas for your clothing range?

I grew up in The States and was quite the tom-boy when I was younger (and did just about everything I could get my hands on)! Football, softball, skiing, running, ice-skating… honestly too much to cover! My dad was a strong advocate of being involved in team sports.  I take boxing now and absolutely love it. It’s really different to anything I’ve done before in terms of physical challenge.

Is there anything else you would like to speak about?


It’s an important time for all of us to come together and work towards raising the standards for women in contact sports. If anyone is interested in our mission and products, check us out at!
We have an ambassador program and a professional athletes program for anyone who is passionate and interested.