WOMA Camp is a new female only camp set in the beautiful Costa Del Sol in southern Spain. The first of their series begins this may, starting with a weekend of BJJ. All affiliations and levels are welcome.


For their first camp they have invited Ffion Davies, Nina Navid and Luna Barea as the instructors, needless to say, all very high level competitors! This is a really exciting camp as it is female centred. 

All women know the woes of being a woman in a man's fighting world. Whilst there are amazing male training partners, fighting another woman is an entirely different experience and this camp presents an exciting opportunity, particularly for women who don’t have much exposure to other female training partners, to come together and meet other like minded people and learn from each other. 

The camp includes five BJJ sessions, with lunch included. There is also a Ginástica Natural class and a Strength and Conditioning class. This is exciting as a lot of jiujiterias don’t necessarily incorporate strength into their training regime, even though it is essential for injury prevention and recovery, as well as improving your game and mindset.

We asked the organiser why she was organising this camp:


“When I first started training back in 2011 it was me and one other girl who only trained once every 2 weeks. I believe it’s necessary to bring women together, particularly as we are still seen as “weak”. It might sound cliche but I believe together we’re stronger.”


Whilst this first camp is focused on BJJ, later camps will have a more broad focus and include all martial arts. 


“The main goal is empowering women through Martial Arts in a sunny and beautiful location! I’m looking forward to bringing women together on the mat and growing the female community within martial arts.”


The coaches are both competitors and instructors, so they have a lot of knowledge and experience to draw from:

-- Ffion Davies

She is currently the most accomplished European Jiu-Jitsu female black belt & such fun person to be around.


-- Nina Navid

A great leader, always helping other ladies on & off the mats. Someone I always want to learn from. Plus she is a beast!


-- Luna Barea, will be assisting all the classes and translating if needed (into Spanish/Portugués)


“It’s open to ALL LEVELS & all disciplines.

Imagine having your very first Jiu-Jitsu class taught by the top female competitors and surrounded by a lot of badass jiujitsu women. 

How cool would that be?”

To enter the giveaway visit our Instagram page. The winner will be announced on the 20th March. Good luck!